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Welcome to the Retro Computing and Gaming Site

Constantly under Development

This mini site contains information that I have accumulated in the broader preservation efforts of retro computing with special focus on gaming. However, like all good things these systems wear out and fail and as the years go by, information becomes harder to find (or easier!).

Common problems found are: - Video output no longer compatible with modern screens. - Failure of electronic components - Failure of hardware items - Software corruption - Input and Output devices failed - Hard to obtain parts - Just simply less of them due to disposal

So here, this site documents a number of systems and various items to address many of the issues above.

One problem that is commonly found today is that one needs to scour the internet across many sites to solve 1 problem. Often too, there is a simple but common problem that one would think is easy to fix but ends up with you having to do a double backflip plus quarter turn pike with inverted flip. So here, we try to go from start to end for specific problems and where this is not possible document as well as possible.