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This site has been prepared for educational purposes.

All care has been taken in the preparation and research of the local content found on this site. Content linked to from this site is subject to change at any time. All care has been taken to ensure all content on this site is suitable however we cannot guarantee or accept any legal liability which may arise from the connection/consequences to the content in any way. You must carry out your own due diligence if you wish to use this content in anyway whatsoever. This is for your safety especially on repair or restoration projects. This site also does not provide professional advise. All of the local content is by its nature subjective and our way of showing you one possible way.

Remember: Safety First!

Electricity can injure or kill you! Faulty equipment can cause electrical shocks that can stop your heart if you happen to come into contact with electricity. Equipment that is faulty can also catch fire and cause substantial loss of property and life in worse case conditions. Never assume that equipment you receive is always safe. Old equipment may have failed insulation or other issues.

Another area that can cause issues are arc flashes and component explosion. Opening up equipment will expose you to such dangers. I have seen capacitors explode and you do not want to be directly above one with no eye protection if it goes off. This is just one example.

The purpose of this site is educational and informative and it requires that you understand the risks and take responsibility and accountability for your actions.

If you are not comfortable with carrying out any work/repair or you do not understand the task or you do not understand and accept the risks, then please do not carry out such tasks whether or not they are covered here. This is a general warning on any project you undertake irrespective of the content on this site. I want you to be safe and injury free!!

We remind all visitors that some projects often involve working on equipment that is faulty and may involve exposure to hazards such as live electrical wiring, capacitors, chemicals, rotating machinery etc.

A proven way to help manage these hazards are through risk assessments which we cover in the engineering section. I have a background exposure in my day to day job which necessitates the processes to assess hazards and control the risks.

We also remind everyone that generally it is a regulatory requirement to hold a government issued license to perform specialist work such as electrical work, plumbing etc and also provide engineering services in some jurisdictions.

Finally, despite all the necessary legalities above, please ENJOY yourself and be SAFE.