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Site Policy

This site has the following policies


Our policy is simple. We aim for zero incidents and zero accidents. This is done through education, warnings and where material is deemed too unsafe to publish it is not put on this site.


We strive to help the environment with projects that extend the life of equipment. We try to convey information that can help people keep on using equipment that may be likely to be thrown out. We also encourage the use of recycling of such items where they are more likely to be thrown in the bin simply because it may be seen as rubbish. Electronics are often full of valuable materials that can be recycled to a high percentage if taken to the correct recycling location.

When an item has reached the end of its life, it is disposed in a responsible way by way of

  • Can the item or parts of the item be placed into a general recycling bin like paper/plastic/cardboard etc. Often this the the yellow bin in Australia
  • Can the item or parts of the item be taken to a council recycling facility like batteries/metals/chemicals
  • Does the council or state provide a specific recycling program for that device. Often devices like computers can be wholly recycled at such facilities
  • Check major retailers like OfficeWorks which have recycling facilities for phones and other electronics

Environmental management also considers the use of power. Do you need to keep that computer on all night? Are you aware of the energy that appliance uses?