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About LilyTheMonster


One of the best skills I believe to develop is the ability to learn from first principles and document this. The site was built to provide information that is sourced as far as possible from first principles and raw data. Today, too much data is referenced and conclusions reached with minimal information. Often I find that there is minimal or no cross checking to validate the source information. If you write an article and cite from another article that has been published citing yet more articles, where is the original source and data? Where is the truth? Science itself is never settled imo. If research has lead to solving a problem with proven math, physics, chemistry etc, it is then applied through engineering. We see this everyday where research has lead to a new way to implement something and it is then exploited.


Our interests are wide ranging and I personally am a fan of arming yourself with a broad range of skills and knowledge to apply on a wide range of interests and hobbies. These interests and hobbies hopefully allow us to reduce cost of living by preserving the life of goods, passing on knowledge to others to help them save money and develop other interests. And finally, it is always a goal to be able to help our family, friends and community. We are surrounded by technology that is ever growing in complexity and unfortunately many people are left behind and often left with the consequential costs. Too many times I have seen elderly people get a new mobile phone and can't even get it to start properly. Unfortunately some of those people have no choice but to pay someone again after having paid exorbitant prices for the phone in the first place.


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